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English Summer Camp 2019


New York Times editor Thomas L. Friedman. Writer of 'The World Is Flat',   in his book ”Dünya Düz” (World Plain) divides globalization into three periods. It is determined that the world will be shaped by empires in the first period, international firms in the second period, well-educated people in the third period and who will be more effective in the world. We know that there are many values that will come to effective positions in the global arena among Turkish youth in the future. One of the biggest disadvantages of young people is that they do not know English well.

Our aim with English Summer School program; The aim of this program is to help young people spend their summer holidays learning English, and to help young people to benefit from their experiences by bringing together peers with successful lives through GLA Young Leaders Academy program and to contribute to socialization of young people with social sporting and cultural activities.

Throughout the program, each student will be taught 60 hours of English reading, writing, listening and grammar, and 60 hours of lectures in the coordination of foreign teachers. The student who will attend the program during the high school education will start university by fully learning English after graduating with the reinforcement trainings we will create during the semester.

The project was planned to be in Istanbul in the first year, in Europe in the second year and in the United States in the third year. A student who has joined the program for three years will gain a global vision by learning other languages and cultures besides learning the language. In three programs; Education from thirty successful sports, art and business leaders will be an important factor for young people to grow as actors in the global world.

Today, families spend many sacrifices on the future of their children. We believe that the International Summer Academy / English Summer School  program is one of the best investments for high school students who are studying in high school. As a project team, we undertake to do our best to make the program more efficient. It is our greatest desire to have a program where all the parties, especially students, are satisfied.